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Florida Everglades Airboat Blog

Archive: Jan 2018

Protecting and Preserving the Everglades

The Everglades is a vast area of land that spreads over one and a half million acres; all the way from Orlando to the Florida Keys. For most people living in Florida, it is the main water source. Additionally, it is home to over 65 rare species of animals! The Everglades is a vital resource for those living in Florida, as well as many different animals. Every year, the Everglades is faced with many challenges. Fires, droughts, hurricanes, flooding, and other natural occurrences are regular threats. Although unavoidable, the danger remains to the ecosystem. In addition to natural threats, those living in the area also pose a risk due to their influence on global warming. There are many ways for each individual to do their part in helping to save and stabilize the Everglades. It starts with things as simple…

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January 7, 2018