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Sawgrass Recreation Park was previously a fishing camp. Over the next 30 years it transformed from a fishing camp, into a one boat airboat attraction in the 1970’s and finally became one of South Florida’s top destinations for visitors in the new millennium. In 2005, shortly after Hurricane Wilma hit, the Soverns’ family acquired Sawgrass Recreation Park. Since then, the park has expanded the exhibit areas to allow for the adoption and rescue of more reptiles and mammals. Sawgrass has also expanded community relations, offering an annual scholarship to a local student, and forging partnerships with local schools to educate students about the Florida Everglades.

Eco Initiatives at Sawgrass Recreation Park


Recently the attraction has focused on ways to implement eco initiatives in all aspects of the operation. New habitats are underway in the exhibit areas to accommodate the growing numbers of rescued reptiles. The family’s philosophy is not only to make each visitor’s experience a meaningful one, but also to educate the public on how fragile and important it is to preserve and protect our beautiful Everglades. Our green initiatives and dedication to our animals speaks volumes about our family’s quest to leave this world better than we found it. Thank you for taking the time to include our park in your adventures!


Here at Sawgrass it is our mission to bring awareness to every visitor the importance of our Everglades ecosystem. In particular, we hope to express the need to preserve the fragile environment and sustain the wildlife that depends on it. We feel the generations yet to come, the children, will be the keepers of our planet. It is vital that they are educated and have the opportunity to interact with these magnificent creatures. Each mammal or reptile you see at our park is indeed our family and many have been adopted, rescued or donated over the years. We hope you leave our park with a better understanding of this special environment. Welcome to our Everglades!

-The Sawgrass Family

The Sawgrass Family