Take a walk on the wild side back in time with an original dinosaur, the Florida alligator! Our reptile exhibit features dozens of species, both native and exotic to Florida. Along with our friendly turtles and iguanas, you can learn about Cannibal, our 1000 pound alligator. Our handlers are happy to demonstrate how these animals live and survive in the wild.  We also have a variety of monitors and rescued exotic snakes. Be sure to bring your camera so you can capture the excitement of our “Hold a Baby Alligator” experience. Presentations are included in all the Exhibit Areas!


While you are at Sawgrass Recreational Park, don’t miss our Glades Exhibit!  Learn the history of the Glades and some current subjects of importance to its conservation efforts.

  • Check out our African Spur Thigh Tortoises who range in size from 20 pounds to over 100 pounds! Their species can live to over 100 years old, our oldest tortoise is estimated to be 50 years old!
  • Chevron down IGUANAS
  • Handsome and Cracker Jack are our resident Iguanas. Many of these animals have been brought to South Florida over the last few years and are now one of the main invasive species in the area. They love berries, greens and especially star fruit and papaya. We often mist them with the hose and watch them close their eyes and enjoy the shower.

  • Chevron down PEACOCKS
  • We also showcase 2 beautiful peacocks, Ed and Max who are free roaming around the park. They often make loud honking noises when they are looking for one another. These guys are very friendly so don’t be alarmed if they waddle right up to you looking for a snack!


Your adventure will include a visit to our exotic wildlife exhibit. A separate organization that brings a variety of animals to the park each day to visit. They strive to educate and enlighten the public about endangered species like the Florida Panther. Mammals in their care are adopted and rescued from facilities who lose their licensing or individuals who possessed the animal illegally. Different animals that often include panthers, leopards, caracal’s, bobcat, and even some surprise smaller mammals. The handlers are passionate about the care of these gentle animals and are happy to answer any questions. Please note that the variety of animals on display may change from day to day and there is no guarantee of specific animals at any time.