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Protecting and Preserving the Everglades

The Everglades is a vast area of land that spreads over one and a half million acres; all the way from Orlando to the Florida Keys. For most people living in Florida, it is the main water source. Additionally, it is home to over 65 rare species of animals! The Everglades is a vital resource for those living in Florida, as well as many different animals.

Every year, the Everglades is faced with many challenges. Fires, droughts, hurricanes, flooding, and other natural occurrences are regular threats. Although unavoidable, the danger remains to the ecosystem. In addition to natural threats, those living in the area also pose a risk due to their influence on global warming.

There are many ways for each individual to do their part in helping to save and stabilize the Everglades. It starts with things as simple as walking or riding a bicycle to the store instead of using the car. Planting and not cutting down healthy trees also helps to counteract the effect of carbon dioxide. Using less water assists in helping the vegetation of the Everglades stay lush and strong. Reducing the amount of litter will ensure that less toxic chemicals are released into the ground, and into the digestive systems of Everglades creatures.  All of these activities also help make our ecologically airboat tours more enjoyable too.

The Everglades Foundation is a great non-profit that is leading the way in protecting the Everglades and those that inhabit the land. Since 1993, they have been making unmatchable efforts to sustain and better the area. The donations that the foundation receives are used to perform scientific research in hopes of better understanding the complex eco-structure of the area, provide legal assistance for efforts relating to the Everglades, and for grants to partners in conservation. By understanding more about the land, we can better learn to keep it stable and thriving for those that depend on it.

The biggest environmental restoration plan, called CERP is also focused on the Everglades. CERP stands for the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan. It adds to state and federal efforts to rejuvenate the ecosystem of the Everglades and southern Florida as a whole. It focuses on the flow of the water, the amount of water, how it is distributed, and the times it is distributed. They work on finding a balance within the differences in water flow all throughout the Everglades to make sure the environment remains a stable environment for both the animals that call it home and the people that depend on it. Organisms like shrimp and different types of grasses need a specific water flow to remain healthy. There are many different projects affiliated with this plan, that will all come together cohesively in order to find a solution to keep and create healthier areas of this large amount of land.

Because the Everglades is such a vital source to both the animals and people of Florida, the extensive research and revitalization plans are imperative to sustain and enhance the environment. With all of the natural occurrences the area faces annually, we need to do our part in helping the Everglades, so it can continue doing its part in helping the wildlife and the communities that surround it.  Not only that, but the better we care for the Everglades the more fun our daytime airboat tours  (and our night time ones) will be.

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