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Exotic Wildlife Exhibit

Over the past eight (8) years Sawgrass Recreation Park has received several rescued alligators from Florida Fish and Game. Several had suffered devastating injuries from another alligator attack and others were being kept as illegal pets. Unfortunately, once an alligator has interacted with humans or has lived in captivity, they have to either be destroyed or placed in a facility licensed to have alligators.

Sawgrass strives to adopt and rescue animals that can enjoy the remainder of their lives at the sanctuary. Due to our recent warm winters and a specialized diet, the rescued alligators have grown up beautifully over the past several years. This also required a plan to expand the habitat into a retention pond.

The newly expanded habitat allows for more than three times the space of the initial enclosure. With added space for both land and water, the alligators are now able to fully bask in the sun and swim in deeper waters. Native Pond Cypress trees were also planted to provide a natural shade canopy from the summer sun. Native lily pads and fish were also introduced to the water feature to help mimic their native environment of the Everglades. Water from the Everglades is filtered through the exhibit to avoid the use of chlorinated water used for residential areas. With several thousand gallons of water being filtered each day, this reduces overall water waste.

The habitat now serves as a home to five (5) alligators with space to easily rescue and expand to over 20 alligators. This will allow the company many years to continue to adopt and rescue these amazing animals brought to Sawgrass Recreation Park from government agencies.

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