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Let Sawgrass Recreation Park host your next film production or photo shoot.

Located on private property, our park is able to accommodate productions without a required permit. We can provide filming or still photography support for:
  • Airboat Filming
  • Everglades B-Roll
  • Surrounding Nature
  • Animal/ Reptile Filming
  • Reality TV Boat “Racing” or Team Style Challenges
  • Educational/ Nature based filming
  • Invasive Species Specials
  • Travel Shows/ Radio Spots
  • Model Shoots/ Calendar Photography
  • Sports Team or VIP Private Escorted Tours
  • And more!
Full day and half day on site production rates available as well as hourly airboat and reptile with handler rates for filming support. Trade or reduced production rates are available to companies who are able to promote or credit the park. (Available by preapproval only for each production) To schedule your next production at Sawgrass Recreation Park please contact Christina Soverns Schwartzman, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at

Productions and TV Appearances

  1. South Beach

    Produced by Jennifer Lopez - Air Date February 22nd, 2006 - Season 1, Episode 8: It Looked Like Somebody's Nightmare
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    Season 1 Episode " Pythons, Gators and Grizzlies: Oh My!" Fall 2009. Season 2 Episode "Deep Undercover" December 2010. Link
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  4. Telemundo National "Titulares y Mas"

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  6. MLS Soccer TV "MLS Prospects in the Swamp"

    January 9th, 2011. Link
  7. Discovery Channel

    "Florida Travel and Life Affordable Luxury - Ft. Lauderdale" - February 2011. Link
  8. "Rio" UK Promotional Video

    Airboat Race - 21st Century Fox - Produced by Beatwax, Inc. April 2011 Link
  9. Best by Kids

    by Comcast Local on Demand. May 19th, 2011. Link
  10. Animal Planet "Swamp Wars"

    Various Episodes in Season 1, also in pre-production for Episodes in Season 2. June 2011. Link
  11. Logo Network

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  12. ABC - Good Morning America

    Promotion of Ocean Mysteries featuring Jeff Corwin. Air Date September 3rd, 2011. Link
  13. ABC - "Ocean Mysteries"

    Featuring Jeff Corwin. Season 1 Episode 102 "Great Gators!" Air Date September 10th, 2011. Link
  14. Travel Channel

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  15. Animal Planet "Swamp Brothers"

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Newspaper Articles, Magazine, and Radio

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  9. Cicerone Magazine

    "Continuamos" by DTV Producciones. Travel article and video about our park. September 1st, 2011. English Spanish (outside US only)

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Tours may be cancelled due to inclement weather or circumstances beyond our control.
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