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Preferred Partners

South Florida Wildlife Center

The South Florida Wildlife Center is unbelievable! We have adopted many animals from there that had been nursed back to health at their hospital. They take in abused, unwanted and abandoned animals and care for them until they can find a loving home. Please adopt, don't shop. The Care Center is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and always has animals, such as bunny rabbits, up for adoption

We are happy to have Jimmy and Timmy, our rabbits, Mona, our water monitor, and our latest addition, Buster, our Savannah Monitor that all came from the Care Center.

Deering Estate at Cutler

This park, that sits on more than 444 acres, offers a wide variety of activities for families including art and health classes, canoeing, summer camps, eco adventures and even concerts. They have a breathtaking location for weddings and some of the nicest staff in town, make sure you stop by to see them while you are in South Florida!

Airboat Florida

We get all of our airboat engines and supplies from Floral City Airboat. These guys helped us acquire all of our new Chevy engines that are almost twice as powerful as our older engines. A great company to work with!

Family Day Out

Great ideas of what to do around town with your family!! We use this site often for fun when we finally get a day off!

Smart Destinations
Go Miami Card

When you purchase certain Go Miami Card packages you can receive complimentary admission to our park for our General Admission tours. Visit their website for more details.

Lovely Bee Photography

Amanda is a dear friend of the family and a fantastic photographer! She has helped us with professional photos around the park for our tours and animals. We are proud to suggest her for all your photography needs- personal or professional!

Panama Fishing Trips
Frank Carbone

The Santana Yacht Line in the Amazon
The Santana Yacht Line in the Amazon, part of Frank Carbone's Amazon Special!

Frank has worked with us for years, providing our customers with professional guided fishing trips in the Everglades. This guy just knows how to find those fish! Each person who takes his guided tour comes back with a smile on their face beaming about the great time they had fishing in the everglades. Frank has recently expanded his services, and he now offers amazing fishing trips to the Amazon and Panama along with hunting trips all over the world.

Visit his sites for more information about these unique opportunities! See the pictures below and on our fishing and camping page on the website.

For information about his Panama Fishing trip, click here.

For information about his Everglades Bass Fishing trip, click here.

For information about his Amazon Peacock Bass Fishing Adventure, click here.
Amanda From Lovely Bee Photography
Butterfly World
Deering Estate
Family Days Out
Flamingo Gardens
Zoo Miami
Laffing Matterz
Lion Country Safari
Lovely Bee Photography