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What is the cost?

$22.95 + tax per adult (ages 13 and over), $12.95 + tax per child (ages 4-12), children 3 and under are free

What do you have in the animal exhibits?

We have alligators, snakes, lizards, Florida panther, black leopards, a bobcat and about 15 other species of animals to observe

How late are you open?

Our boats leave every 20 minutes from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm. A final boat leaves at 5:00 but we recommend our guests are here no later than 4:00 because our animal exhibits close at 5:00 when the last boat boards.

Do we need reservations?

You don't need a reservation for our standard tours since they leave throughout the day. If you choose to do a private tour, we appreciate a reservation so we can be sure we can have a captain ready for you upon your arrival.

What will we see on the boat ride?

During your guided tour of The Everglades, our experienced airboat captains are going to try their best to find wildlife such as alligators, birds, fish, and turtles to show you. You will also hear stories about the Everglades ecosystem and even some history of The Everglades.

How many people are on each boat?

Approximatley 15-25 guests board each boat ride. However in our fleet of 20+ airboats we have boats that can seat from 3-35 passengers. If you are interested in booking a group or Private Adventure let us know.

What is the advantage of a Private Adventure?

Being on a smaller boat earns you the opportunity to get deeper into the Everglades, instead of larger boats, where our larger general admission tour many not be able to venture. With a Private Adventure, you can even spend up to two hours exploring The Everglades with your captain.

What's the youngest age that can go on the boat?

Any age child can enjoy an airboat ride. We advise parents that our boats are very noisy and we provide ear protection for everyone riding. Some children are more sensitive to loud noise than others. Earplugs are available on site and are recommended. All children ages 6 and under must wear a life jacket which we will provide. Guest over the age of 6 may also obtain and wear a life jacket if they wish. Children of all ages can ride on our airboats, it is a safe and smooth enjoyable ride. Children ages 3 and under will be no charge and we will provide them a life jacket and earplugs for the airboat tour. We have young children enjoy the rides every day here at the park. We offer a parent swap program also if you want to stay back with the baby and allow a partner to go and when they return we will put you on the next boat so they can wait back.

What's your address?

Our address is 1006 North US Highway 27. Weston, Florida 33327.

Please keep in mind that SOME GPS systems will recognize our address but send you in the wrong direction when you're almost here!

Keep in mind- Park is located 2 miles North of Exit 23 off I-75 on US Highway 27.

How far are you from Fort Lauderdale Airport?

About 30 minutes

Miami International Airport?

About 45-60 minutes

Fort Lauderdale Beach?

About 25-35 minutes

Miami Beach?

About 45-60 minutes

Port Everglades?

About 20-30 minutes

Can a pregnant woman go on the boat ride?

Our boats ride smoothly and a pregnant woman can go on our boats.

What is your handicapped accessibility?

We have limited accessibility for guests who are handicapped. If you are able to comfortably take a step down into our boats or have a family member help you into the boat, you will be able to enjoy a boat ride. If you are apprehensive about having to get into the boat comfortably, you can still enjoy our animal exhibits for a discounted cost.

Can we get a translated tour?

We have transcripts of our captains' general speeches in several languages. Request one when you buy a ticket to share with your foreign guests.

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