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Special Adventures
Experiencing the wonder of an Everglades private airboat tour through the Sawgrass Recreation Park.

Private Everglades Tour

For a truly epic and unique experience, sign up today for our Everglades Private Airboat Tour and find out what untamed nature has to offer.

A private Everglades tour is an adventure like no other and one you will not soon forget. Join one of our experienced airboat captains as they escort you and your group deep into the sawgrass.

Cut through the cattails aboard one of our custom airboats specially designed for small parties, and find out what the excitement is all about on our famous private Everglades tours. 

These Everglades private airboat tours start at 30 minutes in length and can be extended to meet your needs. You and your party will have the once in a lifetime opportunity to visit exclusive locations in the Sawgrass Recreation Park and be able to see a variety of both native and exotic animals as our exhibit areas are included with your tour as well.

Rated #1 for Everglades Private Airboat Tours

Sawgrass Recreation Park takes a tremendous amount of enjoyment in our customer satisfaction ratings and we always go the extra mile to make sure that our customers have an amazing time on their private airboat tours through the Everglades. To that end, we pull out all the stops when it comes to our Everglades private airboat tours and make sure that it truly is an experience you will remember for the rest of your life. When you are immersed in wild nature and out there in the sawgrass, peering around for all of the glimpses of hidden wildlife, you will feel your heart beat faster and your soul start to feel free.

Providing only the very best in adventure and customer service, Sawgrass Recreation Park looks forward to hosting your exclusive Everglades airboat tour experience! Tours can be booked 7 days a week from 9AM until 4PM. Feel free to call for more details! Prices can be found on the pricing page on this website. If you would like to book or receive a quote for your Private Everglades Tour, simply call or e-mail us at

Private Airboat Tickets Click Here A private tour group going really fast and loving every moment of it on a private Everglades tour through Sawgrass Recreation Park Private Adventures in the Everglades

The Red Eye Exclusive Tour

Come experience Sawgrass Recreation Park’s newest attraction, The Red Eye Tour! The Red Eye Tour is similar to our Gator Nights experience only it is available every night and reserved for your group only. Your group will board one of our powerful private airboats deep in the night to seek out Florida's legendary reptile, the American Alligator. Sneak through the Everglades as you experience the thrill of the abundant wildlife and explore the sights and sounds of nocturnal giants.

Discover the heart pounding mysteries of this rich river when you and your group search for the telltale red glow from the eyes of these amazing predators. Slide over the sawgrass and cattails at an excess of 35 miles per hour and feel the wind in your face!

This is an opportunity to experience firsthand the wonder of this one of a kind ecosystem. Reservations and prepayment are required in advance for this adventure. Feel free to call us or simply fill out the easy price quote or reservation request form below. Red Eye Airboat Tours in the Everglades can be scheduled any night of the week from 5PM until 10PM and they start at one-hour long.

Gator Nights Tours

Please call to reserve your spot today or buy tickets now- for Groups of 10 or more guests please complete and return the Gator Night Group Reservation Form.

Due to rising popularity with the Gator Nights Tours, they will now be offered every Wednesday and Saturday night at 8:30PM. Reservations required, so call today!

Join in on the airboat tour action at Sawgrass Recreation Park! Surprise the family or a loved one with a thrilling night time airboat ride deep into the Everglades. Gator Nights offers a more affordable option to the Red Eye Tour while still providing all of the same fun and excitement. Sign up for a spot on one of our airboats. The cost is only $40.00 per adult and $20.00 per child (4-12) – any children under 4 are free as always. Your low cost includes a wild one-hour night time airboat ride and ear protection, as well as all taxes and gratuities.  Reservations are required.

Whatever your preference, from a Gator Night Tour to a Red Eye Exclusive Tour to an Everglades Private Airboat Tour, Sawgrass Recreation Park has the special airboat adventure you are looking for.

Tours may be canceled due to inclement weather or circumstances beyond our control.
Another alligator glowing from the photo flash in the dark water on a private airboat tour through Sawgrass Recreation Park Gator on the Surface
One of our captains collecting general admission rides on an airboat tour through the wild Everglades General Admission
Private airboat tours have taken the next step with our red eye tours
which are private night airboat rides through the dark Everglades of sawgrass Recreational Park Red Eye Tours
One of our special airboat captains Big Tim taking a group of tourists on a private airboat ride through the everglades Big Tim in Airboat Everbilly
A young couple hanging out on a private airboat tour through Sawgrass Recreation Park and enjoying the view of the Everglades. Hanging Out
Don't look now, it's another alligator on one of our private airboat tours. Gator
The thrill of gaining speed and feeling
the whipping wind on the back of an airboat while taking a private tour through the Everglades is beyond words. Riding Thru
The airboat captains know
just how to skim the surface of the glades as they take guests on private tours of the Everglades through Sawgrass Recreation Park. Skimming Over The Glades
Sifting through the sawgrass looking for critters and gators on a private tour of the Everglades. Thru The Grass
Here is a picture of a concierge experience back in 2008 featuring one of our private Everglade tours Concierge Night Out 2008
If you think cruising at speed on the back of an airboat during the day is fun, wait until you try it at night on a
private airboat tour through the Everglades Crusing At Night
A beautiful rendering of an alligator by Greg LeCoueur and representative of the wildlife you may spy on a
private airboat tour through the Everglades Greg LeCoueur
Searching avidly through the endless drifts of sawgrass while on a private airboat tour. In The Grass
Enjoying the nighttime adventure of a private airboat tour through the sawgrass recreation park Nighttime Enjoyment
Getting a great up close view of an alligators smile as an example of what a tour will see while taking a private
airboat tour through the Everglades. Smile Up Close
A guest on an airboat tour thinks they see an alligator in the sawgrass and cat tails. Theres One Over There
Getting a good look at the swimming gators on a nighttime airboat tour through the Sawgrass Recreation Park Up Close At Night
A bit of night enjoyment while experiencing the thrills of a private everglades tour on the back on an airboat in the sawgrass recreation park Nighttime Enjoyment