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Shows are included in the exhibit areas with any daytime airboat adventure ticket!

If you schedule a nighttime tour please feel free to stop by during the day between 9 a.m and 5 p.m. to enjoy the exhibits. Guests must check in to Gator Emporium to receive bracelets in order to enter the exhibit areas.

Click here to view our Exhibit Presentation Showtimes PDF

Reptile Show:

While exploring the Reptile Exhibit be sure to catch our show where you will discover the mysteries of a magnificent reptile, the American Alligator. Learn about their prey, behavioral traits, and natural instincts. After the presentation concludes get up close and personal with a young alligator. It is our intention that you may leave our park with a better understanding and appreciation for these fascinating reptilians.

Wildlife Show:

Come learn about our adopted and rescued mammals during our Wildlife Show. Staff members will showcase some of our furry friends. Learn about how they joined our family, along with how our mammals like to eat and play each day. Please take time to explore this exhibit and ask any questions you wish of our staff.

Tours may be cancelled due to inclement weather or circumstances beyond our control.
Holding-the Alligator-Winner Aug 2012 Contest!
Its A Skunk!
Hold A Snake
Gators In The Sun
Gator Presentation
Gator Jon
Gator on the Surface
Mom Can Do It
Watch Your Hands!
Awesome Gator
Cannibal And Tanzy
Watch How Dad Does It