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Reptile Exhibit

Take a walk on the wild side back in time with
an original dinosaur, the Florida Alligator.

Our reptile exhibit features dozens of species, both native and exotic to Florida.

Along with our friendly turtles and iguanas, you can learn about Cannibal, our 1000 pound alligator. Our handlers are happy to demonstrate how these animals live and survive in the wild.

We also have a variety of monitors and rescued exotic snakes.

Be sure to bring your camera, so you can capture the excitement of you cradling one of these majestic animals with our "Hold a Baby Alligator" experience!

Shows are included in all of the Exhibit Areas!

Exhibit included with airboat adventure, buy your airboat tickets here!
Please note that the variety of animals on display may change from day to day and there is no guarantee of specific animals at any time.
Tours may be cancelled due to inclement weather or circumstances beyond our control.
Hold This, Please
Pet a Gator!
Hold This, Please
Smile :)
Its a Baby!
Gator Presentation
Smiling Gator!
Hello Im Safe
Gator Jon
Cannibal Action Shot
Awesome Gator