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Fishing and Camping

Fishing and Camping

We have a fleet of john boats available for rent for fishing purposes. Our store is well stocked with beverages, snack and lunch items.

Tent Camping is primitive and available for $15.00 per tent per night. Reservations are required and check in is before 5 p.m. 7 days a week.

Private guided fishing tours are available with advanced bookings.

Private islands are available and can be rented for group camping. Special rates and badge work is available for Boy and Girl Scouts.

* 3 day maximum, deposit required- $100 hold on your credit card or $100 cash released upon departure with approval of no damage to park property.

Boat Rental Costs

Please note fishing license is required to rent the boats.

Standard Size Boats: 3 Adults, or 2 Adults with up to 2 Children. 360 lb weight capacity.

4 Hours: $59.00
7 Hours: $79.00

Wide Boat: 4 Adults. 480 lb weight capacity.

Add $10.00 to the total cost. (Not per hour).

* Deposit required- $200 hold on your credit card or $200 cash released upon return with approval of no damage to boat, must be 21 with a valid CC.
** You may purchase a fishing license by phone by calling: 1-888-347-4356. Have your credit card ready and they will give you a confirmation number that will allow you to fish until your license arrives via the mail.

*** Note: All prices that are listed above are subject to change without notice.
Camping Island
Zach caought one!
Pavillion Island
Camping Island
Tent Camping